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Stash and Swag


Hackers love stickers!

If you're with Major League Hacking, you will have a dedicated "I Demoed" Hexagon sticker along with MLH Swag stickers and GitHub stickers as well.

Sticker Providers

These are some providers that have been known to hackathons & hackers (feel free to add any other providers as see fit).

  • Stickermule has always been the go-to for any hackathon due to their quality. (US Based + UK Free Shipping) MLH Events get credit from them and they often also willing to give you free credit even if you aren't with MLH.

  • STKRS (UK-Based)

  • InstantPrint (UK-Based)

  • Diginate (UK Based and also do metallic stickers)

Sticker Sizes

If you are wanting your own hackathon laptop sticker, you can create your own. There is a defacto standard for sizes (need to make sure the hexagons all line up) and it can be found here.

These have been some popular sticker types regularly seen:

  • Custom Hexagon Stickers (Use Stickermule's dedicated Hexagon template as a guideline to create them.)
    • General size is mainly 44m x 51mm (1.73" x 2")
  • Square sized stickers
    • 40mm x 40mm
    • 50mm x 50mm
  • Rectangular-sized stickers
    • Usually 50mm x 80-100mm
  • Custom Die-cut stickers
    • Dependent on the stickers design but can be resized. Best not to go over 70mm x 70mm

Companies that will send stickers

Company Contact Successes Details
MLH N/A All Hackathons N/A
Jetbrains Here HackSheffield 19 / HackTheMidlands 4.0 Email several months in advance!
Some? Currently out of stickers (as of 11/11/19)
Devpost DurHack 19 N/A
Discord Discord HypeSquad Events HackTheMidlands 4.0 Must already have a Discord Server with 100+ members


Another great item of swag that hackathon attendees love is t-shirts! While these aren't necessary for an event, they are a welcome addition.

It is also easier if you have different coloured/designed t-shirts for different roles of the people at the event eg. Blue for Organisers, Green for Hackers, Yellow for Mentors etc.
This allows easier to identify someone of importance at your event with ease, especially for larger events.

T-shirt providers

Currently, many hackathons across the UK use Go2Dave as the products in their short lead time catalogue can be ordered up to 10 business days ahead of the event. Other t-shirt providers are available.

T-shirt sizes

Getting the correct number of the right size of a t-shirt is a skill of its own! We would recommend that as part of the sign-up/ticket buying process to best estimate the sizes you require.

It is hard to predict but as a general rule of thumb, the 1-2-2-1 ratio (S: M : L : XL) is a good prediction if you don't have data to hand!

GitHub Campus Experts

If you have a GitHub Campus Expert as part of your team, they are able to request swag for events. This can include:

  • Comic Books
  • Git Cheat Sheets
  • GitHub Stickers
  • Markdown Guides
  • GitHub Guides

They can also request prizes such as:

  • T-Shirt Coupons (redeemable with GitHub)
  • BackPacks
  • Mona Figurines (the GitHub mascot)

If you want to find out more you can contact Amy Hudspith, one of the UK Campus Experts (and part of the DurHack team).

Last update: June 29, 2021