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Food is a crucial part for any hackathon. You should have catering in place for lunch both days, along with dinner and breakfast. It's also best to provide hackers with snacks during the event.


It's best not to place all your snacks out at once. This prevents you running out on the first day, and stops hackers making themselves full before you serve them meals.

It's best to store your snacks in an separate room for organisers/volunteers/mentors. Someone can be responsible for placing these out throughout the event.

It's likely you will run out of food during the hackathon. Costco is usually very conventient but requires a membership. Amazon Prime Now can be a bit pricey, but takes care of the delivery for you.

Getting Ready for Meals

To prevent hackers having to queue for hours, it's best to call up small groups to get food at a time. You should always start with dietary requirements, to ensure these hackers are fed before ant cross contamination can happen.

To make sure everyone gets fed, it's useful to have meal tickets. These can be distributed at registration, and collected in the meal queue by a volunteer or organiser. Once you're confident that everyone has eaten, you can then let anyone help themselves to left overs.

Last update: December 19, 2019