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How Judging is done

Who Judges

A collection of Organisers, Sponsors and potentially staff members from the campus. It often depended on who the organising team can find who is free on the weekend of the event.

How Projects are demoed

Depending on the scale of the event:

  • Smaller events have everyone present their projects in front of everyone.
  • Larger events (20+ projects) tend to have a science fair style where people can go around and see everyones projects.

The top 5-10 projects at larger events might get to demo them in front of everyone at the end of the event.

How Projects are judged

Projects are normally rated based on a grading rubric which covers the criteria the organisers are looking for. At student hackathons, they tend to be:

  • Technical challenge of the project
  • How well presented and the design of the project
  • How complete the project is
  • How much you learned while making it

Worth considering is that prizes tend to be assigned with all the judges deliberating together, so projects that stick out to everyone tend to perform better.

The very large events have systems where different judges visit various projects and they us a system to figure out what a fair score would be.

Last update: December 19, 2019