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Side Events

Code Golf

The MancJS code golf server is pretty good, but requires uploading a file instead of editing it in the browser.

You will need to write extra challenges as the built-in ones aren't very good.

CovHack has a dockerised fork here for easy deployment.


Werewolf, sometimes referred to as Mafia, is a party game like the game "Town of Salem". Roles and rules can be found here but is effectively a race to find who the werewolf is before all the villagers get killed.

Code in the Dark

Basically, recreate a website without out previewing your code.

Under MLH events this goes as !light.

@baahorn forked MLHs service for CovHack and removed MLH branding (a licence requirement) and the dependency on MyMLH.

Otherwise, you can use the editor here and use a google drive folder for uploads.

University Societies

HackNotts in particular has had success inviting university societies such as the Video and Board Game Societies to run mini events or games corner.

Last update: February 6, 2020