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Getting Started

A lot of Hackathons tend to run workshops, which can be helpful if it's your first time programming or what to try something new.

Common Workshops:

Note: Some can also provide more technical-heavy workshops, but it is uncommon.

Hackathons, if capable and able to, will also allow associated sponsors to provide their own workshops to provide more understanding of how to use their products.

  • Twilio / Nexmo with their API usage
  • GitHub with their internal systems (Previously ElectronJS)

You can also find, if doable, organisers or the university's hackathon/CS Society will provide providing their own workshops.

MLH Member Events will run a BlackRock-branded Capture the Flag. MLH events may also do something from this list if asked.

Existing Workshops

You can find some of the other workshops run by members of the hacker community. Slides can typically be found in the GitHub repository README.

Workshop Authors Event
Reddit + Discord Meme Bot Workshop Will Russell Local Hack Day: Learn
Docker Dino Workshop Justin Chadwell Developer Student Clubs at the University of Birmingham
Git Workshop Justin Chadwell and Will Russell Developer Student Clubs at the University of Birmingham
Google Cloud Vision Workshop Justin Chadwell HackTheMidlands 4.0
Introduction to Android Development Will Russell ManMetHacks 2.0

Last update: February 12, 2020